Ken Pimlott for Supervisor – For US!

I value the quality of life and environment we enjoy here in El Dorado County.

“Accountability”, “accessibility”, “sound fiscal management”, and “planning for the future” aren’t just words or slogans to Ken Pimlott. They are principles to live by. Ken spent over three decades as a firefighter, and worked his way through the ranks, retiring as the Chief of CAL FIRE, the State’s largest fire department. He is a lifelong Californian.

He and his wife, Karen, have lived and raised their two sons in Cameron Park for the last 17 years. Ken is both fiercely independent and a believer in collaboration. Registered as “No Party Preference”, Ken has a proven track record throughout his career of working across the aisle, and spearheading responses to crises with direct impacts on El Dorado County, including fiscal crises and catastrophic wildfire.

Ken is a strong supporter of our Nation’s Veterans. His father, uncle, brother, and son have all served in the military, so the needs of Veterans are a very personal issue to him.


Ken believes in sensible and responsible growth, budget accountability and ensuring our County is prepared for emergencies, including catastrophic wildfire.

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