Individuals officially endorsing Ken Pimlott for Supervisor

Shiva Frentzen

Brian Veerkamp

Wendy Thomas

El Dorado County Supervisor - District 2

"I am delighted to endorse Ken Pimlott for the District II Supervisor race in 2020.  Ken is the right Candidate to represent District II residents and El Dorado County as a whole.

El Dorado County Supervisor - District 3

El Dorado County Supervisor-Elect - District 3

"We need experienced leadership on the Board of Supervisors.  As the former Fire Chief of Cal Fire, Ken can help protect our county against the threat of wildfire, and his experience with governance will prove valuable in navigating the difficult challenges ahead."

Felicity Carlson

Rusty Dupray

Penny Humphreys

Jeff Neves

Lee Adams

Rich Green

Bill Holmes

Jim Branham

Thomas Klatt

A.L. Hamilton

John Hess

Board of Directors - Cameron Park CSD

Former El Dorado County Supervisor - District 1

Former El Dorado County Supervisor - District 4

Retired El Dorado County Sheriff - (Jan 2003 - Dec 2009)

Sierra County Supervisor - District 1

Retired Fire Chief / Past Director - Cameron Park CSD Board

"Ken Pimlott is a proven leader. His diverse background and commitment to accountability and transparency have highlighted his successful career as the Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.  Having a member on the Board of Supervisors with his credentials will be a tremendous asset, not only to the residents of District 2, but the entire county."

Retired CAL FIRE Region Chief /

Former Amador-El Dorado Unit Chief

"Ken would do an outstanding job as a member of the Board of Supervisors team to provide the services required to the public in El Dorado County.

Executive Officer, Retired - Sierra Nevada Conservancy

University Administrator, Retired

Senior Legal Attorney for El Dorado County,

Past President - Taxpayers Association of El Dorado County

Community Member

"Ken is an outstanding individual who listens to people and makes intelligent decisions. A fine man."

Howard Jenks

Marian Washburn

Janet Barentson

Clare Frank

Shirley Woods

Roger Klemm

Mary Elliot-Klemm

Jana Pingle

Greg Naff

Jonathan Lachs

Marylee Guinon

Peggie Cathie

Margaret Cathie

Steven Roth


El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce

GET OUT AND VOTE - There are many important issues coming to the ballot in this election year. We are doing our homework and we hope you do yours.
The El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce is excited to endorse Ken Pimlott for District 2 Supervisor in the November 2020 General Election. Ken’s perspective on issues important to our business community and lifestyle in El Dorado County are exactly what our members are looking for in a Supervisor.
Ken recognizes the role that the Chamber plays in promoting a strong, healthy and diverse business community. He places a high value on building local business opportunities that support local jobs and enhance our quality of life into future generations.
Ken’s 30 year career in public safety, including eight years as the Chief of CAL FIRE, gives him the experience and background to understand El Dorado County’s budget, as well as, the ability to bring diverse stakeholders together in order to resolve issues.
Ken’s expertise would be invaluable for our County residents and businesses, especially with the ongoing wildfire threat, fire insurance cancellations and public safety power shut offs that are becoming all too common.
Please join us in supporting Ken Pimlott for District 2 Supervisor.

Boeger Winery, Inc.

Greg Boeger

"I am proud to endorse Ken Pimlott for the Board of Supervisors in District 2. Ken truly values the importance of agriculture in El Dorado County and supports our local growers. We need sensible growth combined with investments in infrastructure that promote local jobs,  agriculture and tourism. Ken will work with all of us to make this happen."

El Dorado Hills Business and Community Political Action Committee

Ann Wofford - Wofford Acres Vineyards

Campaign Friends & Supporters

Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians

Riza Khan

Emily Barentson

Janet Upton

Dean Martucci

Judy Yarbrough

Kati Barcklay

Eric Yarbrough

Craig Thomas

Gabriella Green

Barbara Rogers

Jodi Albin

Stephanie Shimazu

Cheryl Robertson

Michael Picker

William Smith

Theresa Mizuhara

Nicholas Pimlott

Marilyn Champa

Jeff Lee

John Laird

Barbara Hodgin

Alexander Dean

Bruce Saito

Susan Prock

Robert Mertz

S David Finkelstein

Marian Washburn

Howard Weaver

Les Francis

Michael Picker

Patricia A Grantham

Judith Boylan

Staci Evans

Lorraine King

Zoe McNevin

Nancy Corona-Guzman

Sierra Pacific Industries

Matt Silva