I support planning for our future and maintaining a healthy reserve for economic downturns.


SENSIBLE AND RESPONSIBLE GROWTH:  The pressure to accelerate growth challenges our way of life in El Dorado County.  I support responsible growth that doesn't place additional burden on roads and water supply.

LONG-TERM BUDGET ACCOUNTABILITY:  The County must continue to look for budget efficiencies, while maintaining support for essential programs and services.

PREPARED FOR CATASTROPHIC WILDFIRE:  Wildfire is a year-round threat.  Planned power outages and homeowner's insurance cancellations are becoming more frequent.  I currently serve on the Aukum Fairplay Firesafe Council and know first-hand how this is impacting our District.

  • OPPOSE REZONING to high density housing developments.

  • SUPPORT sensible growth that improves infrastructure and stimulates economic growth.

  • SUPPORT local businesses, jobs and agriculture.

  • SUPPORT a sustainable budget that lives within our means.

  • SUPPORT planning for our future and maintaining a prudent reserve as we navigate the current economic downturn.

  • SUPPORT local jobs and businesses.

  • SUPPORT efficient delivery of emergency response and public safety services.

  • SUPPORT efforts to ensure accessible and affordable homeowner's insurance.

  • SUPPORT road maintenance for public protection.

Let Ken know which local government issues are the most important to you?